Talis Apsire: Introduction/Refresher

15:00 - 16:00


Outline of session
This workshop aims to provide an introduction or refresher on using Talis Aspire reading lists, a tool to enable academics to guide students with their reading.

A Talis Aspire reading list provides an online list of resources, with links to library print and ebooks, the full text of an article or webpage or links to YouTube clips or TV programmes on TV and radio database, (Box of Broadcasts). All the resources for a module can be on a single list, for easy access.  We will cover some basics to get started with the platform, discuss how to structure your lists and how to add resources such as books, journal articles, webpages etc., into the list.  There will be an opportunity to see how you can link sections of your Talis Aspire reading list into your blackboard module, to fit with your weekly lecture slides.  The session will be delivered as a demonstration and participants will be encouraged to practically follow the workshop on their pc and ask questions throughout.

A basic level of comfort and familiarity with Blackboard is helpful but not required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use Talis Aspire to structure your reading for your module.
  • Be able to confidently add a range of resources to Talis Aspire.
  • Be able to integrate Talis Aspire to your blackboard module site, to link with your teaching.

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