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Turnitin: Marking Rubrics and Feedback (Introductory Session)

2pm - 2.50pm


Outline of the session: 

This session will cover a basic approach to Turnitin, it will offer attendees an introduction to how the tool works for assessment; including the set up of assessments, the various options, how students submit and how you can access these submissions once they have been made. It will provide an overview of the merits of using Turnitin for similarity checking and ease of submission.

NOTE: This is an introductory session. If you feel you already have an understanding of this topic and would prefer to attend our advanced session, please book onto this workshop.

Learning objectives: 

  • To understand the purpose of Turnitin and how it can be used to create assessments
  • To be able to set up assessments on Blackboard using Turnitin and have an understanding of the various options that you need to be aware of.
  • To have an understanding of the student submission process.
  • To understand how to access the submitted work.

How to book

If you would like to attend this training session, please visit the HR training site (https://lncn.ac/training(opens in a new tab)).

To help you find our courses, we recommend you click ‘Book a place‘ then choose ‘ Digital Education – LALT ‘ from the category filter drop down box at the top of the page.