This page details ongoing issues related to Blackboard and other tools from 2022.

Ongoing (last updated 28/02/2022)

  • Assessment Submission Issues from the Activity Stream – If you experience an error code, ‘You are not on the list’, when trying to submit via the Activity Stream on Blackboard, please navigate to your module site directly and find the submission point in the assessment tab. We are working to resolve this issue.
  • Issues with accessing files on Blackboard – If you experience this issue please update to the latest version of Chrome and if the problem persists, consider using an incognito or private browsing window to access Blackboard.

Issues with submitting on Turnitin – 28th Feb 2022 onwards

The error message “Sorry, we could not process your request. Invalid or missing state” can be resolved by editing your browser’s enabled Privacy & Security preferences so that it will not block any background scripts that Turnitin is trying to load.

Please follow the steps below to ensure that your preferred browser reflects the correct preferences:

  • In Safari, select Safari > Preferences > Security > Web content > Enable JavaScript
  • In Firefox, select File > Preferences > Privacy & Security. If Strict is enabled, please change this to Standard.
  • In Microsoft Edge, select Microsoft Edge > Preferences > Cookies and Site permissions > JavaScript > Allowed (recommended)
  • In Google Chrome, select Settings (you can open the Settings page by clicking the icon with three stacked horizontal lines in your browser’s menu bar) > Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Content > JavaScript > Please ensure that the option Sites can use JavaScript (recommended) is enabled. If you would rather select Don’t allow sites to use JavaScript, please add and/or to the sites that are Allowed to use JavaScript.

Once you have completed reviewing your browser’s Privacy & Security preferences, please close your active browser and re-open a new browsing session so that any changes can take effect.

Issues with anonymous grades syncing to Grade Centre from Turnitin

We are aware of issues with Turnitin anonymous assignments not syncing to the Grade Centre on Blackboard. If an assignment is anonymous, when the post date is reached and the papers become non-anonymous, the grades will not sync to the grade centre.

Turnitin are working on a fix, and in the meantime have advised that grades will need to be manually entered into the relevant Grade Centre column.

Grades in Turnitin not syncing with Blackboard grade centre on some Bb sites

ICT and Digital Education are aware of a recent technical issue with Turnitin whereby grades on some Bb sites are not automatically being passed from Turnitin into the Grade Centre. Instead, a ‘Needs Marking’ icon continues to appear in place of the actual grade. 

Turnitin are working on this issue as a high priority. 

Current Workaround: 

For sites impacted by this, Turnitin have suggested staff should use these workarounds:

  • Workaround when marking: Staff should use the Turnitin Assignment Inbox to access all student work and to check grades. Staff should disregard Needs Marking icons in the Grade Centre at the current time for any Turnitin submissions.   
  • To access their grades and feedback, students should go directly into the Turnitin assignment via the original submission link rather than accessing the Turnitin assignment via My Grades. Please communicate this to any impacted students.  

Turnitin will shortly be applying a fix for this issue. If you wish, marks can be entered manually into the relevant Grade Centre column. If you do so, students will be able to access their grades in the usual way via ‘My Grades’. 

If you need any support, please contact