Tony Clark – Department of Management – Senior Leturer – Staff Profile

This video within this blog was originally taken from the Future of Blended Learning Conference held on the 24th March 2021. Below you can find the abstract for the session plus the corresponding video.


This short presentation will explore and share lessons learned from the provision of a contracted Masters programme delivered to the Defence community. This is a valuable contribution as it offers the perspectives not only of the University tutor but the student and the customer. As the programme is delivered under contract each module, and the individual sessions are reviewed by all those participating. This enables lessons learnt to be captured quickly, acted on and then shared perhaps a unique position for the University. The programme Offers insight from many perspectives. There are clear lessons learned for those delivering learning to an online community, to the transition from face to face 2 to online teaching and for the development of individuals and teams to digital delivery. Key themes emerging are: • Pedagogy choice and consistency • Online programme management • Student engagement • Staff development • “top tips” for the practitioner