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How to Send your Request

In order to request a new date and time, please click on the link below which will template an email to the Digital Education team – ensure that you enter all relevant information as displayed in the email.

Click this Link to Reschedule your Microsoft Exam (Link, Opens in Microsoft Outlook)

Available Dates and Times (Last updated on 12/05/2022)

  • The following dates are available for your to reschedule your Microsoft Office Exam.
  • Please note, you must have already purchased an examination date through the University of Lincoln Online Store to be able to use the following rescheduling service.
  • If you have not yet purchased an initial exam, please visit the following link University of Lincoln Online Store – Book a New Exam (Link, Opens in a New Tab).
Date TimeLocation
18/05/2022 11 AM Online
18/05/2022 4 PM Online
23/05/2022 11 AM Online
25/05/2022 11 AM Online
20/06/202210 AM Online
20/06/2022 1 PM Online
21/06/2022 10 AM Online
21/06/2022 1 PM Online
22/06/2022 10 AM Online
22/06/2022 1 PM Online
23/06/2022 10 AM Online
23/06/2022 1 PM Online