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The Concept Suite

The Concept Suite is a a new innovative digitally enhanced active learning space for up to 25 students. It aims to blur the boundaries between disciplines, between formal and informal learning, and between learning and creative practice.

Guiding principles for the room

  • To encourage dispersed group teaching
  • To provide flexible focus points
  • To support active learning
  • To blur sense of ‘presence’ virtually and physically

Features include:

  • Flexible smart lighting offering you far greater choice of room colours, influencing mood and tone as well as brightness

  • Active Learning Space with Flexible Walls and Furniture

  • Large Digital Interaction Wall with ‘casting’ support and lecture recording

Concept Suite YouTube Playlist

Below you can watch the YouTube playlist of videos we have created to introduce the Concept Suite and the various functionalities of the room.

Please note, this video series was recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore the videos reflect the use of the room at this time. New guidelines have been introduced to allow for social distancing when group working and for moving around the University of Lincoln campus in an orderly, safe, way. Please refer to guidance from our Estates Department (insert link to guidance here) when considering use of The Concept Suite for teaching in the forthcoming academic year.