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Adding Content to Blackboard: Embedding YouTube Videos

YouTube videos can be embedded directly in to a Blackboard item using the HTML Embed codes provided with all YouTube videos.

  1. Find the video on YouTube
  2. Click ‘Share’ and ensure you are in the URL section.
  1. Copy the URL. Hold the Ctrl key and press C on your keyboard. Note: If you are using a Mac, you should press Cmd + C.

Adding the video to Blackboard

  1. Navigate to the content area where you wish to add the video
  1. Click on the ‘Build Content’ menu.
  1. Select item.
  2. Enter a name for your item.
  1. Ensure your cursor is inside the content editor box.
  2. Paste in the YouTube video URL and it will automatically embed the video for you.
  1. Make the item available and select time and date restrictions if required.
  1. Click Submit.
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