Getting Started with Panopto Help & Support

Configuring a Panopto folder on a Blackboard module site

Before using Panopto to record video content it is necessary to provision your module site onto the Panopto system. This only needs to be done once per module.

  1. Open Blackboard and go to the desired module site.
  2. Every 2017/18 Blackboard site has a Panopto button. Click the Panopto button on the module site menu bar.
A screenshot showing how to access Panopto within your Blackboard module site by clicking the Panopto link on the left sidebar menu.
  1. Click Configure at the top of your screen to provision the course on the Panopto server.
A screenshot showing the configure button which you may need to click the first time you use Panopto on your module site if it has not previously been provisioned.
  1. Click Add Course to Panopto
A screenshot showing the process of adding your course to Panopto on the University of Lincoln account. Click 'Add Course to Panopto'.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click OK
  2. On the final screen, ignore the Folder options and click Submit

At the end of this process, a folder for this module site will now be created within the Panopto system.

Staff can now add videos, screencasts and lecture recordings to this area of their Blackboard site.

How to do so is detailed in Helpsheet PO_004.

If you need any assistance with this process, please email