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Copying videos on Panopto

On Panopto it is important to understand how to copy your videos. You may wish to copy a video to another folder, or from your personal folder to a module folder. Moreover, you might want to copy videos from one academic year to the next. Panopto works much like Blackboard in that videos in one folder will not be visible to others (such as a 20/21 folder, where videos will not be available to 21/22 students).

Note: Even if you copy content on your Blackboard site from one academic year to the next, it may look like Panopto videos have been carried over, but if you look in the Panopto folder for your destination site it will be empty. What you have copied are links to videos from a previous academic year. The students will not have access to these, you will need to copy the Panopto videos separately using the steps below.

Accessing Panopto to prepare for copying videos

  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. Go to one of your module sites from the current academic year.
  3. Go to the Panopto area of the Blackboard site.
  4. Click the arrow in the top right-hand corner. This will open the embedded Panopto page in a new browser tab and provide you with additional functionality.
  5. Review your video content and decide which to keep and which to delete.
Panopto area on a Bb site with the Panopto area on the menu and the open in new window button highlighted.

Copying your videos from one folder to another

NOTE: If you are moving videos from one module site to another, you must be enrolled on both sites in Blackboard.

  1. As with Step 1 in the deletion workflow, to move a video, hover your cursor over each video you wish to move in turn, and tick the box that appears in the top left corner for each video.
  2. Once you have selected all the videos you wish to move, click ‘Copy’ on the top menu bar.
A screenshot of the Panopto interface. A video has been selected using the check box on the thumbnail, and a copy button is shown at the top of the screen.
  1. Enter the module code for the site you wish to move to in the “Copy Session To’ box.
A screenshot of the Copy Process in Panopto. A dropdown box is shown to enter the destination module ID, the video selected is shown below.
  1. Click Copy.