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Creating a Panopto Video Submission Point

This helpsheet will talk you through the process of creating a Panopto Video submission Point through which students can submit videos as part of an assessment. The video submission element is a new part of the Blackboard submission process.

Later in the helpsheet, we cover how to access and mark video submitted via Panopto.

Note: The site must first be provisioned with Panopto by clicking the Panopto link in the left-hand menu, and clicking configure.

Creating a Panopto Video Submission Point

  1. Navigate to the module site on Blackboard where you wish to set up the assignment and click the ‘assessments’ link on the side bar.
A screenshot showing the main navigation within your Blackboard module site. You should click the 'Assessments' tab.
  1. At the top of the ‘Assessments’ page you will see the edit menu.
A screenshot showing the main edit menu which will appear once you have accessed the assessment tab.

If you cannot see this menu make sure that ‘Edit Mode’ is turned on to the top right.

A screenshot showing that the edit mode is turned on. If you cannot see the edit menu you will need to ensure the edit mode is turned on.
  1. Click the ‘Assessments’ and choose ‘Assignment’ to create a Blackboard assignment.
A screenshot showing the 'Assessments' dropdown menu which you can use to choose the type of assessment you wish to create, in this case 'Assignment' for a Blackboard assignment.
  1. Under the ‘Assignment Information’ section enter a name for your assessment.
A screenshot showing the assignment information screen where you can enter a name for your assignment in the 'Name and Colour' box.
  1. Click into the ‘Instructions’ box and look for the (+), ‘plus’, icon on the toolbar.
A screenshot showing the main text editor box, you will need to locate the plus icon (+) which is on the far right of the bottom line of the tools menu.
  1. Choose ‘Panopto Student Video Submission’ from the ‘Additional Tools Menu’
A screenshot showing the Additional Tools menu from which you should choose 'Panopto Student Video Submission'.
  1. The ‘Instructions’ box will auto-populate with a series of instructions covering the process students need to follow in order to submit their video.
A screenshot showing how the automatic instructions from Panopto have been added to the text box on your assignment creation page.
  1. Upload any additional files student may require for this assessment and set the due date in the usual way. Also set the ‘Points Possible’ to 100 as with every assignment.
A screenshot showing the assignment files section from where you can upload additional files or drag and drop items to be included alongside your assessment. You can also set the due date and the points possible, always 100 in this case.
  1. Click ‘Submit’
  1. Your assignment will be created.
A screenshot showing that the assignment has been created along with instructions for the students on how to submit.

The students can follow the instructions listed under the assessment title and this will help them to submit their work via Panopto.

  1. You should go to the ‘Grade Centre’ and ‘Full Grade Centre’
A screenshot showing the 'Grade Centre' part of the main navigation in your Blackboard module, you should choose 'Full Grade Centre'.
  1. From the ‘Full Grade Centre’ you should scroll across until you see the column for the assessment you just created.
A screenshot showing the Panopto video submission column for the assignment you just created.
  1.  Click the arrow next to the assessment name and click the ‘Hide From Students On/Off’ toggle switch. This will hide the column from students and avoid any grades being revealed before you are ready, when you come to mark the assessment.
A screenshot showing the menu that appears when you click the little grey arrow to the right of the column name. Here you need to choose 'Hide From Students On/Off'. It is a toggle switch.

Note: You should remember to repeat steps 10 – 12 once you are ready to reveal grades to students for this assessment, after marking. This will revert the process and make the column visible to the students via ‘My Grades’.

Accessing and marking student video submissions

  1. Once a student submits a video using the assessment point you set up above, the video will be moved to a special Panopto folder within the module that is only visible to instructors. This process happens at the point the student clicks ‘submit’ and means they are unable to alter, delete or edit their video submission after the deadline.

You will see the folder if you click through to ‘Panopto’ within the module site.

A screenshot showing the Panpoto folder within your Blackboard module site, including the 'student submissions' folder which has now been created to house the submissions for the assignment you recently set up.
  1. To access the student submissions, go to ‘Needs Marking’ where you will see a list of students who have submitted work that needs to be marked. This works in the same way as a normal Blackboard submission.
A screenshot showing the 'Needs Marking' screen within your Blackboard module site, where any submissions that need to be mark will be shown.
  1. Clicking the student name under ‘User Attempt’ will take you through to the submission itself. Here you will see a link off to the video and any additional information provided by the student.
A screenshot showing a student's name and attempt title. From here you can click the link in the middle of the screen to view the student's submitted video.
  1. Clicking the link in the student submission will open up the video on Panopto for you to mark.
A screenshot showing the submitted video playing back for you to mark.
  1. You can now mark the assessment in the usual way. Please see the other Blackboard helpsheets within the Help & Support tab, particularly BB_024, which cover the marking of Blackboard assessments.
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