Managing your Panopto Portfolio Help & Support

Deleting videos from Panopto

This guide will take you through the steps of deleting videos from your Panopto account.

Do note that:

  • the deleting of videos can be done at anytime as can the moving of videos to other sites in the same academic year, but moving sites to future academic year versions of the same sites (e.g. moving from ACC2015M-2021 to ACC2015M-2122) can only be done once the sites for the next academic year are available. Further guidance on how to copy your sites can be found on this page (web link).
  • the process of evaluating, deleting and moving needs to be repeated for each module.

Accessing your video portfolio to prepare for deleting

  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. Go to one of your module sites from the current academic year.
  3. Go to the Panopto area of the Blackboard site.
  4. Hit the arrow in the top right-hand corner. This will open the embedded Panopto page in a new browser tab and provide you with additional functionality.
  1. Review your video content and decide which to keep and which to delete.
Panopto area on a Bb site with the Panopto area on the menu and the open in new window button highlighted

Deleting videos from your portfolio

  1. To delete, hover your cursor over each video you wish to delete in turn, and tick the box that appears in the top left corner for each video.
  2. Once you have selected all the videos you wish to delete, click ‘Delete’ on the top menu bar.
Highlight of the delete button on Panopto