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Differences between the new Turnitin LTI integration and the ‘Basic’ integration

This document details the main differences between the new Turnitin LTI and the ‘Basic’ integration Lincoln had been using for many years. Do note that Turnitin terminology still distinguishes between feedback (qualitative comments) and marks (numerical performance score).  

  • LOCATION: The Turnitin LTI now appears in ‘Build Content’.
  • SETUP: Staff can choose when Feedback will be released to students when doing the setup. Students can then access this by clicking on the Turnitin link on or after the Feedback Release date.
  • GRADE CENTRE: The column in Grade Centre is no longer automatically hidden. This needs to be manually hidden by staff to prevent Mark leakage. This ought to be done ideally when setting up but can also be done before marking starts
  • MARKS RELEASE: The column in Grade Centre now needs to be manually unhidden on the Post Date in order for students to see their Mark via My Grades/BB. (e.g. if marks release is at 4pm on Friday 26th November, the module leader needs to put a reminder do this).
  • EMAIL RECIEIPTS TO STUDENTS: The LTI does NOT send receipts to students. Students can download receipts though.
  • ICON: The icon now shows as a hyperlink without the Turnitin logo.
  • NO LONGER IN SITE TOOLS: The Turnitin options are no longer in Site Tools. Staff can click the link in the title to get the inbox.
  • TERMINOLOGY: Post date now called Feedback date