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Downloading Grades from the Grade Centre

  1. Open the module site from which you wish to download grades.
  2. In the Site Management panel select Grade Centre.
  3. Select Full Grade Centre.
Screenshot showing the full grade centre menu item in the left hand navigation bar in Blackboard.
  1. Select Full Grade Centre.
  2. Hover over Work Offline.
  3. Select Download.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Grade Centre, the Work Offline tab is expanded to reveal two options: upload and download.
  1. Select the Data to Download. The full grade centre will download all columns and grades. Selected Column will allow you to select a single column of grades to download. User Information only will provide the students username and first and last name.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Grade Centre Download Page, four options are listed: download grade centre, download a selected marking period, download a selected column, or user information only.
  1. Select the Delimiter Type. Comma, for a .csv file, or Tab, for an .xls file. Both file types will open in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Select whether to Include Hidden Information. For example this would include any hidden columns or rows.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Grade Centre Download page, the options section is shown, delimiter type can be comma or tab, include hidden information can be set to yes or no.
  1. Select whether to download the file to My Computer or add it to the Blackboard Content Store.
  2. Click Submit.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Grade Centre download page, the save location section is shown, you can choose to download the file to your computer or the content collection.

The file will be downloaded to the PC or added to the Blackboard content store depending on the choices you made.

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