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Managing your Panopto Portfolio

This guide outlines how to manage your portfolio of Panopto videos. The process involves categorising your existing videos into two groups (deleting and moving) and then taking the related action.

Do note that:

  • the deleting of videos can be done at anytime as can the moving of videos to other sites in the same academic year, but moving sites to future academic year versions of the same sites (e.g. moving from ACC2015M-2021 to ACC2015M-2122) can only be done once the sites for the next academic year are available.
  • the process of evaluating, deleting and moving needs to be repeated for each module.

Accessing your video portfolio

  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. Go to one of your module sites from the current academic year.
  3. Go to the Panopto area of the Blackboard site.
  4. Hit the arrow in the top right-hand corner. This will open the embedded Panopto page in a new browser tab and provide you with additional functionality.
Panopto area on a Bb site with the Panopto area on the menu and the open in new window button highlighted
  1. Review your video content and decide which to keep and which to delete.

Deleting videos from your portfolio

  1. To delete, hover your cursor over each video you wish to delete in turn, and tick the box that appears in the top left corner for each video.
  2. Once you have selected all the videos you wish to delete, click ‘Delete’ on the top menu bar.
Highlight of the delete button on Panopto

Moving videos from your portfolio from one Bb site to another

NOTE: Videos can only be moved to Bb sites that you are enrolled on as an Instructor.

  1. As with Step 1 in the deletion workflow, to move a video, hover your cursor over each video you wish to move in turn, andtick the box that appears in the top left corner for each video.
  2. Once you have selected all the videos you wish to move, click ‘Move’ on the top menu bar
  1. Enter the module code for the site you wish to move to in the “Move Session To’ box.
The move sessions wizard on Panopto
  1. Click Move.

Editing existing videos in your portfolio for re-use

  1. Go to the module site where you moved the videos to.
  2. Hover your mouse in the area next to the video so that the icons (Settings etc) appear. Click Edit.
Finding the Edit button underneath a video on Panopto
  1. From here, you can do over twenty types of editing. It can be helpful to categorise these into the following types of editing.
  • Common tasks: This would involve simply changing the title to reflect the new purpose to which you are re-using it for or trimming the video to remove parts that are no longer relevant, as well as adding quizzes to the video to make them interactive. It could also involve correcting the captions.
  • Going further tasks: This could involve adding clips, splicing clips, using the Focus Tool and inserting webpages into your videos.
  • Advanced tasks: This could involve normalizing variables level of audio and adding streams.

The twenty plus different possibilities along with links to guidance are below. It is advised to start with the Common tasks. These require a small learning curve only and are low time intensive.

Using the video editor


Common tasks

Going further tasks

Advanced tasks