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Marking Anonymous Submissions by Group on Turnitin

This helpsheet outlines how to access and mark anonymous submissions by group on Turnitin.

When setting up the module:

  1. Ensure that the Turnitin submission has been set up on the module site and that the ‘anonymous submission’ option has been selected.
  2. Ensure that the groups of students have been set up on the module site, this can be done by sending a list of the groups (with student IDs under each group name) to digitaleducation@lincoln.ac.uk or your local Digital Education Developer.

To access and mark submissions by group:

  1. Access the module site on which you want to mark, from your ‘My Sites’ box on Blackboard.
A screenshot showing the 'My Sites' box.
  1. Ensure that ‘Edit Mode’ is turned on within the Module Site:
A screenshot showing the 'Edit Mode' button which needs to be toggled to 'on' to enable you to access your assignments.
  1. Look to the left-hand side menu and scroll to the bottom, selecting and opening ‘Site Tools’ menu:
A screenshot showing the 'Site Tools' menu on the module site, from where you can select 'Turnitin Assignments by Group'.
  1. Select ‘Turnitin Assignments by Group’:
Screenshot showing the Turnitin Assignments option in the Blackboard navigation menu.
  1. Select the name of the assignment you wish to mark:
A screenshot showing the Turnitin Assignment Inbox, including an anonymous submission point.
  1. Use the dropdown menu to select the group you wish to mark.
  2. Click ‘Go’ after you have selected your group:
A screenshot showing the dropdown menu within 'Turnitin Assignments by Group' from which you can select your relevant group that you wish to mark.
  1. You will now see a list of students anonymous submissions, but only for your set group:
A screenshot showing the list of submissions for your group which have been submitted anonymously.

Note: These submissions will only be anonymous if the student doesn’t enter their name into the submission title box or somewhere into the paper. Please follow school level guidance to avoid this occurrence.

  1. To open a paper just click the link within the ‘Title’ column. The paper will open on Turnitin for marking in the usual way.
A screenshot showing the Turnitin Feedback studio editor.
  1. Continue to mark by following steps 3-9 to select other students in your group.

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