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Recording lectures with Panopto


• In response to staff feedback, for 2019/20 UoL has introduced one process that works for recording in all
rooms. This is detailed visually below.
• The Panopto system is enabled in all centrally pooled teaching spaces on campus (Note: Some older
college owned spaces may still not have this facility).
• Large lecture theatres (INB0114, SLB0006, MB0302, MB0603, MB0312, NDH0020, NDH1010, DCB1101)
also have a camera feed but the recording process is the same as in smaller teaching spaces
• The new process is entirely lecturer initiated. Staff decide when to start, stop and pause the recording. In the
nine video-enabled spaces, staff decide whether to include the video feed, and can adjust the camera angle
to one of three presets.

Before the first session:

Provision your Blackboard module site on the Panopto system. This needs to be
done only once per module, there is a help guide available to support this process.

Start of the session:

  1. Login to Blackboard and go to the module site. Ensure Outlook is closed so that your email inbox is not
    captured in the recording
  2. On the module site’s menu bar, click on the ‘Panopto’ menu button.
The Panopto button as shown on the Blackboard module site menu.
  1. Click on Create and, from the drop-down menu that appears, select Record a new session.
  1. If asked to approve the launch of the Panopto recorder, click Allow. The Panopto application then opens with all the settings correctly configured.
  1. Click the Record button. This minimises the Panopto application. All sound within six metres of the lectern is picked up by the mic. The in-room mics do not need to be turned on.

If you are in one of the large lecture theatres, there will also be an option to choose whether you want
video and to adjust the camera angle.
• To adjust the camera angle, use the remote control by the lectern to choose one of three presets.
• To turn off the video, select None from the video drop-down on the Panopto application.

In Session – pausing the recording

Pause and restart the recording by clicking the Panopto icon in the Windows Taskbar and Pause

End of the session

  1. Click the Panopto icon in the Windows Taskbar and the Stop icon. Click Upload on the next screen. You can close Panopto and log out of the computer but do not shut down the computer.
  1. You will be sent an email with a link to review the video. The recording will appear on your module site in the Panopto area where it can be edited by clicking the Edit icon.

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