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Settings Automatic Captions on Panopto

This helpsheet details the steps involved in enabling automatic captions on your Panopto videos.

There is a benefit for all staff and students at the University, if you choose to enable automatic captions on your video content uploaded to Panopto. The guide below will show you how to easily enable automatic captioning on your videos.

  1. Navigate to your module site on Blackboard, where the video you wish to caption has been uploaded.   Ensure Edit Mode is on.
A screenshot showing that edit mode is turned on.
  1. The create content menu buttons will be visible.
A screenshot showing the content creation menu.
  1. Navigate to ‘Panopto’ on the sidebar of your module site within Blackboard.  
A screenshot showing the main left hand menu within your Blackboard module site from which you can click the Panopto option.
  1. You will see all the videos that have been loaded onto your module site.  
A screenshot showing all the videos in your Panopto folder on Blackboard.
  1. Hover over the video you wish to add captions to and click “Edit”  
A screenshot showing a video within your Panopto folder and the 'Edit' button which appears to the right of the video thumbnail.
  1. The video editor will open in a new window/tab. On the side menu click ‘Captions’
A screenshot showing the menu within Panpoto when you are watching a video. One of the options is 'Captions' which will take you to the captions menu.
  1. From the dropdown menu that loads, choose ‘Import Automatic Captions’.
A screenshot showing the 'Captions' menu from which you should choose 'Import Automatic Captions' in order to generate automatic captions for your video.
  1. Your captions will be added to the video.
A screenshot showing the automatic captions that have been generated by Panopto. You can make changes to these if you wish.
  1. Click ‘Apply’ on the top menu to approve your changes.
A screenshot showing the Apply button which you must click in order to save your changes.
  1. This will add automatic captions to your videos for all viewers to access.
A screenshot showing automatic captions now in place on your Panopto video.
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