Microsoft Teams Help & Support

To control who can present and who can start recording meetings

  1. Go to Outlook.
  2. Open the meeting item.
  3. Click Meeting Options. The Meeting Options page open in your browser.
  4. Change the Who can present? option to either Only me (or Specific people if you anticipate others will also need presenter rights).
  5. You now have exclusive control over the following options (if Specific people was chosen, the specified others can also adjust these settings)
    • To start and stop a recording on the session.
    • To share your screen or any other content on the session.
    • To download/edit/share the recording.
  6. Adjust these settings to suit
    • Whether participants need to wait in the lobby for you to start the session (recommended setting: let participants bypass the lobby).
    • Whether participants can unmute (recommended setting: let participants unmute).
    • Whether the Meeting Chat is enabled (recommended setting: let participants use the chat).
    • Whether participants can indicate reactions (clapping, raise hand) (recommended setting: let participants indicate reactions).
  7. Click Save.
The settings within Meeting Options on Teams.