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Getting Started with your Site: Common Site Issues

Once you have logged in to Blackboard, the homepage includes a My Sites list that displays all of the sites you have access to. For modules you co-ordinate or teach on you will normally be enrolled as an Instructor, allowing you to post materials and communicate with students. Below are some common issues you may find with your sites and easy solutions.

“I can’t find my site”

Blackboard is primarily set up to provide a site for every module, with the module co-ordinator automatically assigned as an instructor. If you are a module co-ordinator but the site does not appear on your list, you will need to contact to update the information stored centrally.

If you are teaching on a module and need instructor access, you should contact the co-ordinator and ask them to enrol you.

“Why are some sites marked as “not currently unavailable?”

The concept of availability is used throughout Blackboard in relation to sites and also to individual elements and learning materials. If a site is marked as unavailable, this means that it is invisible to students. However, instructors can access the site in order to prepare it for the coming year.

Important: As a module co-ordinator, remember that it is your responsibility to make the site available once you are ready for students to use it.

“How can I remove sites that I don’t want?”

The My Sites list can be edited by clicking the modify site settings icon as shown above. This allows you to choose which elements of each site are displayed. If you have redundant sites, then deselecting all elements will effectively remove the site from your list.

“What other types of site are there?”

While the main focus is on delivery of modules, there is a recognised need to communicate with students at broader levels. In order to allow as much flexibility as possible, sites have been automatically created for each level of a programme, and also at subject level. While it is not anticipated that all of these will be used, they can be made available as required, with students automatically enrolled on them. Contact for further help.

Please note: Programme leaders are automatically enrolled as instructors on programme level sites.