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Getting Started with your Site: Tools Overview

Blackboard sites contain a large number of tools. Some of these are standard Blackboard tools, while others are optional plug-ins that the university has bought and integrated into Blackboard. This helpsheet offers a brief overview of the tools that are available and how they might be used.

All tools that are available on a site can be viewed by clicking on Tools in the site menu.

Instructors determine which tools are available. They may also decide to give a tool a dedicated button on the site menu, if it is particularly important or regularly used. Below is a selection of the tools available.

The Tools

Web Assign

WebAssign is an online education platform built by educators that provides affordable tools to empower confident students in a virtual learning environment.


Set goals and achievements against tasks in this module (not currently used at Lincoln)


Send important announcements to all students and staff enrolled on this site

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Schedule and join Blackboard Collaborate Ultra web conferencing sessions and view recorded archives.


Create and manage blogs for Sites and Site Groups.


Track important events and dates through the Calendar.


Instructors can post contact information about themselves and others.

Content Market Tools

Access all Content Market tools (not currently in use at Lincoln)

Course Messages

Create and send private and secure Messages to course members.

Discussion Board

Create and manage Forums within the Discussion Board.


View a list of important terms and their definitions.

Goal Performance

View goal performance within a site.


Create and manage formal groups of students to collaborate on work.


Create and manage journals that can be assigned to each user in a group for the purposes of private communication with the instructor.

Microsoft Teams

Set up a Microsoft Teams meeting from this site (saved to Blackboard Calendar no Outlook invite is sent)

My Grades

Displays detailed information about students grades and marks – not available to staff

Panopto Content

Access the Panopto folder associated with this site

Pearson Custom Tools

Access and Manage Pearson’s Custom Integration for this course through Blackboard.

Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering

Access and Manage Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering products for this course through Blackboard.

Poll Everywhere

Single Sign-On Link to Poll Everywhere.

Portfolios Homepage

Create and manage personal Portfolios and Artifacts.


View a list of users enrolled in the Course.

Send Email

Send email messages to different types of users, system roles and groups.

Site Portfolios

Create and manage student portfolios of work


Use tasks to keep track of work that must be completed. Each Task has a status and a due date.

UL – Reading List

Tool for creating a link to the UoL reading list managed by the Library


Create and manage wikis for Sites and Site Groups

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