Collaborate Ultra Help & Support

This is the Blackboard Collaborate section of the resources hub. Blackboard Collaborate is an online teaching tool which is used at the University of Lincoln to deliver online lectures, seminars and other teaching sessions.

Each module site on Blackboard had a Collaborate Ultra space and you can choose to use the main ‘Courseroom’ on your module site, or to create a session for each of your taught sessions.

On Blackboard Collaborate you will be able to see, hear and engage with your students. You are encouraged to turn on your camera or microphone on at various points, and you can use a chat box to communicate with others in the session. There are also chat features for staff to communicate with each other during a taught session.

Collaborate Ultra comes with a number of interactive features, including the ability to share your screen, files, use a whiteboard or put students into breakout rooms.

The best way to access Collaborate Ultra is using Google Chrome web browser on your laptop or desktop device. You should navigate to Blackboard and join Collaborate Ultra via the appropiate module site where you will have set up your sessions.

Release notes, detailing new features, can be accessed here (link).