Collaborate Ultra Help & Support

Exporting registers from Blackboard Collaborate

This helpsheet details how to export a register from Collaborate.

  1. Navigate to Collaborate Ultra on the Blackboard site you delivered the session.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Course Site menu. The Collaborate Ultra tool link is shown with the hidden icon displayed.
  1. In Collaborate Ultra select ‘All Previous Sessions’. Then locate the session you would like to export the register from.
  2. Click the ellipses icon next to that session. Then choose ‘View Reports’.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Ultra tool in Blackboard. Previous sessions are listed, the ellipses icon is expanded on a recording and shows a View Reports option.
  1. On the right-hand side of the screen is a clipboard/register icon, click this to open the reports page.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Attendance Report Tab. A summary of the session date, time and attendees is shown. A clipboard icon next to the session details is shown to view the report.
  1. Choose ‘export to CSV’. This will save an excel sheet with all the participant details: Name, Enrolment number, first join, last join, total time, number of joins.
A screenshot of a Blackboard Collaborate Attendance Report. The student names have been removed. A summary of attendance is shown and the option to export to a csv file is highlighted.
  1. This can then be sent to the relevant colleague in your school administration team.