Collaborate Ultra Help & Support

Functionality and Sharing Content in Collaborate Ultra

This helpsheet details some of the extra functionality of Collaborate Ultra including sharing content.

  1. Click the Collaborate Panel in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. A navigation pane will open on the right-hand side of the screen with four sections. The four tabs allow you to:
A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra interface. The section shown displays the profile icon, microphone and video controls, the raise hand feature and the Collaborate Panel in the bottom right corner.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Panel. Four icons are shown, a chat speech bubble, the participant cons, and share content arrow and the settings cog.
  • Access the chat, this includes a moderator only section (speech bubble icon).
Two screenshots of the Blackboard Collaborate Chat Panel. The image on the left shows the option to message everyone or just moderators. The image on the right shows the chat interface with a text box and font formatting controls.
  • Access the Participants List. Staff will automatically be Moderators and students will be Participants. These roles are assigned from the Blackboard module sites assigned permissions. You can promote and demote individual users during your session if needed, for example to make a student a presenter.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Participants tab. Two sections of users are shown, moderators and participants. There is an ellipses icon next to each name.
  • The Share Content tab offers a variety of functions to share content and bring interactivity to the session, this includes:
    • Share Blank Whiteboard enables the whiteboard canvas that allows participants to add text, draw like they would on a whiteboard in the classroom.
    • Share Application enables the presenter to share an application (e.g. Word, PPT) or their entire screen.
    • To share a file, click Share Files and then Add Files. Images, PowerPoint and PDF files can be added.
    • The Polling option always you to poll participants. Click the Polling icon, choose the type of poll and follow the onscreen prompts.
A screenshot of the Share Content tab in Blackboard Collaborate. Five functions are listed: share blank whiteboard, share application, share files, polling and breakout groups.
  • Breakout groups allow you to automatically create and populate smaller rooms. You can auto populate these rooms with students or manually add participants to specific rooms. As a moderator, you can jump in and out of these rooms by selecting the group you wish to join. This allows you to view and monitor the group discussions. Clicking the stop icon in the Breakout Groups main area will automatically bring all the participants back into the one main room again.
Two screenshots of the Blackboard Collaborate Breakout Rooms function. The image on the left shows three rooms listed: main, room 1 and room 2. The image on the right shows a Breakout room being closed.
  1. If you have set sessions to record, Blackboard will automatically process the recording and make the video accessible on the module site. To view any past recordings go the Collaborate Ultra link you created on the side bar, but instead of clicking Join Room click the 3 white lines icon above the Course room.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings tab. A recording is listed, the date and duration are shown, and the ellipses menu is highlighted by a red box.