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This is the Panopto section of the Resources Hub. This page will give you an overview of the tool, links to help and support guide, frequently asked questions and related articles/videos.

Panopto is our lecture recording system and every teaching space is Panopto-enabled. Panopto can also be used for recording teaching materials outside the classroom and for student submissions.

The following large lecture theatres also have a video feed:

  • INB0114 Lecture Theatre;
  • MB0603 Jackson Lecture Theatre;
  • NDH0020 Lecture Theatre;
  • MB0302 Cargill Lecture Theatre;
  • MB0312 Co-op Lecture Theatre;
  • NDH1010 Lecture Theatre;
  • SLB0006 Lecture Theatre;
  • DCB1101 Lecture Theatre.

All other teaching spaces are audio and screen record only.

You can also download the Panopto Application for your mobile. Click the corresponding link for more information: Android | iOS

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Student Help and Support File  Recording  Lectures with Panopto | Doc | PDF  

Student Help and Support File  Configuring a Panopto Folder on a Blackboard Module Site | Doc | PDF 

Student Help and Support File  Uploading Media to a Panopto Folder Within a Module | Doc | PDF | Video 

Student Help and Support File  Downloading the Panopto App for iOS | Doc | PDF | Video 

Student Help and Support File  Downloading the Panopto App for Android | Doc | PDF 

Student Help and Support File  Embedding Panopto Video Into a Module Site | Doc | PDF 

Student Help and Support File  Creating a Panopto Video Submission Point | Doc | PDF 

Student Help and Support File  Recording Lectures Remotely With Panopto | Doc | PDF 

Student Help and Support File  Setting Automatic Captions on Panopto | Doc | PDF 

Student Help and Support File  Using the Panopto Capture to Record on Web | Doc | PDF 

Student Help and Support File Managing your Panopto Portfolio | Doc | PDF 

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Panopto

Can I use Panopto to Pre-record (asynchronous) Lectures?

Yes, you can use either the desktop or mobile version to pre-record your lectures. Once the lectures have been recorded, they can be edited and uploaded to your Blackboard Module site.  For more information we would recommend visiting the remote teaching site by clicking here. This has the latest guidance and advice for recording lectures asynchronously.

Can students use Panopto to record video?

All staff and students, who have a University of Lincoln login have access to the Panopto system and are able to edit and record video. Many lecturers set formative or summative assessment tasks for their students using Panopto.

Can Panopto add captions to support accessibility?

Panopto can be set up to automatically add captions when a video is uplaoded. Click here to find out more information

Do we have to install Panopto on each module site?

Panopto does not need to be ‘installed’ on each module site, however each module site you teach on does need to be ‘provisioned’ on Panopto. This process is required as not all modules will want to use Panopto and so do not need to be provisioned. If you have not used Panopto on your module before, you will need to ‘provision’ it. Go to your module site and click the Panopto link on the navigation menu. Then follow the steps on screen to provision your site.

Known Issues

My students cannot see the video feed on my Panopto recording when viewing via the Panopto app?

This is a known issue when students are viewing Panopto videos using the Panopto mobile app. The video will default to stream one (Panopto has several streams) and if you have not recorded any live video using your webcam or another type of camera, students will see a blank grey screen and only hear the audio. The way to resolve this issue is to edit the settings of your recording via the module site on which you uploaded it.

You can go to the ‘Share’ area and look for the ‘Podcast’ settings. You will have the option to choose which stream is your primary media. If you wish to show only your PowerPoint slides, select this option. You will need to reprocess your video once you have made a change to any of the settings and this will mean the video is unavailable for a period of time while processing completes.

Further info from Panopto on this issue here: There is a requirement for users to log into Panopto using the Blackboard provider in order for the permissions in Panopto to sync with the enrolments in Blackboard. Clicking on the Panopto video link in the Blackboard course will essentially log the user into Panopto and sync their permissions. Each user would need to do this as the sync will only happen for the person who sign in. Once the permissions are synced, they should be able to view the videos embedded in the various areas of the courses. The permissions will stick so they will not need to click on the link again.

The Panopto desktop software does not work with my version of MacOS

Unfortunately, this is an issue which is related to the version of MacOS you are running. Both Apple and Panopto have taken the decision not to make their software available on older version of Mac devices, as the systems and Mac OS software gradually improve with time. Obviously, not all legacy devices can be supported indefinitely. Further advice on which version of Mac OS works with Panopto desktop can be found here under ‘prerequisites’: in a new tab) To find out which version of Mac OS you are running, click the ‘Apple’ symbol top left on your Mac and click ‘About This Mac’. If you are unable to install the Panopto desktop software on your Mac, we suggest using the app on a mobile device to record content, or entering a Collaborate Room on your Blackboard Test Site in order to record lectures. You can download videos from Blackboard Collaborate then upload them to Panopto.

My students are requesting access to a video on Panopto, even though I have made it available on my module site.

Sometimes, particularly if you share a link to a Panopto video immediately after you have uploaded it, the link may not work for students. This is a known issue on Panopto. If your students are requesting access via email, please embed a link to the video on your learning resources page by following these steps: 1. Go to your module site 2. Go to the ‘Learning Resources’ area 3. Click ‘Tools’ 4. Click ‘Panopto Video Link’ 5. Add the relevant details and click ‘Submit’.

I am unable to install Panopto Desktop Recorder on my laptop/PC

Sometimes, you will find that you are unable to install software on your laptop/PC if you don’t have administrator rights. This is particularly true if you are using a University provided device. ICT are looking to resolve this problem, but in the meantime you can make sure of the Panopto web recorded which has recently been released. It works in browser and lets you record Panopto sessions without needing any software. You just need access to a webcam and microphone. To use the Panopto web recorded, click the ‘Create’ button inside Panopto on your module site and choose ‘Panopto Capture (BETA)’ from the menu. A helpsheet is being produced on this approach now, and we will post it here when it has been shared.

I cannot install Panopto on my UoL-provided laptop.

Unfortunately this seems to be a difficult to resolve issue at the moment for staff with UoL-provided laptops.

Can you try

  • Checking if Panopto is already installed (it may be depending on when you were given your laptop)
  • Seeing if can be installed via Software Centre

If neither of the above solutions work, you have two main options at this moment in time:


Case Studies

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