Dr Debbie Whelan– Lincoln School of Artchitecture and the Built Environment – Deputy Head of School – Staff Profile

This video within this blog was originally taken from the Future of Blended Learning Conference held on the 24th March 2021. Below you can find the abstract for the session plus the corresponding video.


Whilst the idea of blended learning was certainly not a new concept at the time of the first lockdown in March 2020, it compelled a rapid change in the mindset of teaching and learning. At the same time, this provided a significant opportunity to make significant paradigm shifts in practice in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, and at the same time exposed singular flaws in teaching delivery, content and approach. This short paper will discuss the challenges, triumphs and flexibility demonstrated by colleagues in the School, with best practice being identified as a new and viable, way forward. It will also discuss the challenge of the author in dealing with a significant intangible of conveying the absolute abstract to colleagues, and at the same time allowing for the freedom of experimentation and significant personal growth. The paper will conclude by describing our triumphs, and how these enable us to craft a viable and resilient future in teaching architecture in a changing world.