Recorded Presentations

Recorded Presentations

Below you will find recordings of each presentation/flipped presentation that took place at the DigiED: Futures conference. To help you navigate and find the correct presentations, please click the links below to skip to the relevant section. If you would like to access the abstracts for each session, please follow the link below:

Abstracts for each session


10 Minute Presentations

Flipped Presentations


Below you will find videos from he three Keynotes that attended the DigiED: Futures conference.

Creating and Managing a Personalised Learning Journey | Microsoft: Ian Woolner

You Can Go Your Own Way : Digital as the Catalyse of  ‘Flexibility’ | David White

Transforming Digital Higher Education: Faculty & Students as Collaborators | Prof. Kathleen Kelm

 10 Minute Presentations

Below you will find the recorded 10 minute presentations that took place during the DigiED: Futures conference.

Developing a School Level Blended Learning Working Group| Dr. Helen Nichols, Dr. Gary Saunders, Dr. Carina O’Reilly, Dr. Wesley Tourangeau

The Future of Online Reading : Preparation, Practice and Pedagogies | Jamie Wood, Samantha Sharman & Anabelle Mansell

The No-Fly Flying Faculty: The Future for Inter-Continental Partnership and Internationalisation | Dr. Jill Zhao, Ms Doina Carter, Dr. Jason Wiggin

Keeping the Cheese in the Sandwich: Ensuring Learner Mastery During Virtual Learning and Teaching Sessions | Kevin L. Merry

What Does it Really Take to Create Accurately Captioned Video Content | Dr. Mike Shaw

Gravity Assisting Digital Learning and the VLE – What Next – When Pandemic Becomes Endemic| Dr. David Pike

Assessing Class Participation with Talis Elevate | Dr. Joss Winn

A Decade of Online Activism: How we can Better Learn from Diverse Students Through Their Online Activity| Ashely Storer-Smith

Curated Learning: Can Asynchronous Teaching Be Considered Teaching Time | David Barber

Moving Forward with Teaching & Learning : Future Approaches | Dr Kate Strudwick

Gather.Town: An Opportunity for Self-Paced Learning in a Synchronous, Distance-Learning Environment | Colin McClurefiller space text is here. Lets see how it looks

Enhancing the Digital Student Experience Through the Curriculum | Jamie Mitchell

Enriching Teaching & Learning with Digital Media | Toby Sims

Post Covid 19: Systems Approach Pedagogy for STEM Higher Education | Salah Al-Majeed

 Flipped Presentations

Below you will find videos from the flipped presentation that were recorded a the DigiED: Futures conference. These videos are roughly 25-30 minutes long.

Are Content Creation Skills the New Foundation Skills in the 21st Century? “Digital Portfolio Work in Progress” | Ge Et al.

Supporting Students on Social Media Content Creation in UOL 4.0 Challenge Based Project – An Exploration Recipe for Critical Social Media Engagement | Ge Et al.