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Welcome to the Online Assessment pages.

The page is a gateway to a curated collection of advice, activities and resources designed to support the development and implementation of Online Assessment. Use the Navigation buttons below to navigate through key areas of support.

You may wish to explore methods or techniques to extend your teaching remotely. Below, you will find a list of helpsheets and videos to best support online assessments using Blackboard, Turnitin and Panopto.

Online Assessment Guidance

This section details a selection of online assessment types. Please click on any you would like to visit.
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Time Constrained Assessments

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Video and Audio Submissions

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Open-Book Assessments

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Student-Facing Resources


Artificial intelligence in assessment

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Student Presentations

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Effective Marking and Feedback

Implementing Online Assessment

This section details a selection of different support routes for administering and setting up online assessments. Please click on any you would like to visit.
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Blackboard Assignments

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Quizzing Tools

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Turnitin Assignments

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Large File Submissions

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Setting Up the Grade Centre