Embedding AI in Assessment

The embedded use of AI might support an approach to assessment that enables more authentic, creative, and innovative processes than we may be familiar with.
AI can be a useful tool to add into assessment as a support mechanism for wider skill generation in both formative and summative assessment approaches. However, it can also be a useful tool to enhance current assessment pathways and focus more on Authentic assessment design. If you are planning to redesign your assessment to include AI, we recommend you consider the impact this may have on learning objectives and the potential of going through a minor or major modification process, see the Office for Quality and Student Partnerships (web) for wider guidance around this process.

This page has been created to highlight some key considerations and potential implications AI has for designing assessments. It also demonstrates some key considerations around designing for assessment. The final element of this page suggests some different ideas for how AI can be implemented within your classroom using the Review, Refresh, Renew approach. This approach highlights different ways that we can design assessments that productively incorporate AI.

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