AI Toolkit

Governance and application of AI

It should be recognised that AI tools can be used for a wide range of purposes. Productivity, creativity, and ideation are key benefits with wider applications and opportunities regularly emerging. Some examples of how AI tools can already support users include:

  • Automation – setting up a repetitive task to repeat automatically.
  • Enhanced searching.
  • Smart scheduling (identifying best times for key meetings).
  • Summarisation and re-creation of content in new formats.
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Personalised learning.
  • Communication generation.
  • Critical evaluations
  • Data analysis (GDPR consideration needed).
  • Planning and project plans

This short, but not exhaustive, list identifies multiple ways of how AI can support and develop how we work and learn at the University of Lincoln. We of course are looking forward to implementing and supporting the development of practice with both staff and students. This section brings together policies and guidance on using AI as well as looking at a general overview of what generative AI is and the strengths and limitations that need to be considered. To find out more please click the buttons below.

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AI and Ethics

To support the ethical adoption of AI, the University promotes four principles for AI use: Authenticity (accurately reflecting the source of all contributions), Accountability (taking responsibility for AI outputs where used), Access (considering fairness in AI technologies’ accessibility and availability), and Awareness (promoting AI literacy and ethical understanding). To find out more please click the AI and Ethics button.

Ethical Considerations for AI Read more

Learning and Teaching

To support adoption of ethical practice, this guidance has been created to guide academic staff with utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) within their learning and teaching. This is done by pulling together core policies, guidance, and implementation ideas as well as an overview of what AI is and the benefits and opportunities that are afforded by using AI-based tools.

Assessment practices are also considered, and we have provided guidance around identifying the considerations for development within assessment design through the Review, Refresh or Renew approach.

The Library have also produced guidance for students around using and acknowledging AI, which is linked below.

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