Student Presentations

There are three main routes for facilitating student presentations online; pre-recorded, Microsoft Teams, and Blackboard Collaborate. Below you can find some tips for how to support students with running presentations online. There are also links to more in-depth support relating to using the tools.  For information on students submitting pre-recorded presentations please see ‘Assessment: Video and Audio Submissions’.

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Student presentations can be a useful assessment option and has the added benefit of supporting students to develop greater confidence in speaking in front a group of their peers as well as how to prepare presentation materials to support their delivery.
Facilitating student presentations online.

Below are some tips which can help support your students with presenting online, these tips can be utilised with both group and individual presentations.

  • Set expectations and give clear instructions – By setting expectations discussing requirements in advance with your students, they will come to the assessment event prepared with the right equipment and an understanding of what the assessment event will entail.
  • Pre-communication – By sending a message to the student/group before the presentation, staff can check if students are ready to present. Using timescales, i.e. five minute before your presentation starts, can help staff and student identify any last minute challenges.
  • Sharing instructions – Some students may not have shared their screen before, having instructions (see resource box below) on how to share the screen can be sent to the students ahead of time to give them the opportunity to practice.
  • Setting up a testing room – Give the students an online space to practice their presentations, including sharing of their screen, equipment checks and also a chance to work with fellow students to improve their delivery.

Below we have placed some links to resources that can be useful to share with your students before the assessment date.


Note: Be sure to check out the Resources Hub page for more information on how to use Microsoft Teams: Resource Hub: Microsoft Teams – Digital Education Support (internal link).

Support resources

Support on advice for running presentation and poster assessments with students.

Using MS Teams for Student Presentations and Posters for assessment  | Doc(opens in a new tab) | PDF(opens in a new tab)