Digital Vision / Digital Leads

What is a Digital Lead?

The purpose of the Digital Lead role is to support, inform and contribute to digital education activities undertaken within their schools and in support of the Digital Education Transformation Programme (DETP). The role is central to the adoption of digital education at Lincoln. Digital Leads can work collaboratively across their college and the University, representing their school and helping ensure the DETP reflects their schools’ needs. Digital Leads can then work to support the embedding of the programme’s activities back within their department.

Digital Leads’ Handbook & Resource Guide

Below we have a link to our Digital Leads’ handbook which will explain the role in more detail. There is also a separate document that highlights the available resources, support and guidance.

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Digital Leads’ Handbook

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Digital Leads’ Resource Guide

How can Digital Leads support me?

Digital leads, in partnership with Digital Educational Developers, are embedded inside of colleges/schools to:

  • Signpost staff towards help and support.
  • Support with the development of new technologies and embedding these inside of the curriculum.
  • Share updates about digital changes and promotion of upcoming events through school/college meetings and online communications.
  • Share and embed current CPD opportunities and practices.
  • Share and support publishing examples of best practice.
  • Work with the Heads of School to discuss training and development of digital practices in the form of an action plan.
  • Attend Digital leads forums to share and disseminate information from each college/school.

Please contact to find out more information about the Digital Leads program.

Who are the Digital Leads?

The tabs below have a list of the Digital Leads for each college and school. Please click on individual college tabs to find out more information.

Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Ozlem Duran | 

Lincoln School of Design

Chris Dunne | Click here to email

Lincoln School of Film and Media

Graham Cooper | 

School of English and Journalism

Samantha Spidoux | 

School of Fine and Performing Arts

Martin Scheuregger | 

School of History and Heritage

Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo | 

Lacey WallaceClick here to email

School of Chemistry

Samantha Tipper | 

School of Computer Science

Charles Fox | 

James BrownClick here to email

School of Geography

Dilkushi de Alwis Pitts | 

School of Life Sciences

Adrian Goodman | 

Maths and Physics

Dr Bart Voreslaars | 

Foundation Studies Centre

Thomas Hobson

School of Pharmacy

Penny Mosley | 

Liz Mitchell | 

School of Engineering

Sepehr Maleki | 

National Centre for Food Manufacturing

Oluseyi Moses Ajayi | 

Ben VenfieldClick here to email

School of Education

Elizabeth Bailey | 

School of Psychology

Julia Foecker | Click here to email

School of Health and Social Care

Jim Rogers | 

Sean Morton | 

Lincoln Law School

Ali Bohm | 

School of Social and Political Sciences

Simone VarrialeClick here to email

School of Sport and Exercise Science

Sandy Willmott | 

People and Organisation

Chang Ge | 

LIBS executive Office

Tracey White |