In 2018/19, the University began to consult on the future of digital learning at the University and how it could be realised. The outcomes of this activity were subsequently published in:

Impact Volume 3 (1) 2020 – Digital Learning Ecosystems: Discussing the outcomes of a principle led investigation into an alternative VLE (web).

A key outcome of this process was the identification of the six guiding principles.

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Collaborative Learning

We believe in collaborating across disciplines to support the co-creation of new knowledge and the exploration of new ideas between staff and students. We will deliver a digital environment that encourages collaboration, fosters respectful debate, nurtures creativity and enables active learning within and beyond the University.

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The Learning Journey

 We believe all students should have equal opportunities to succeed at every point of their academic career. We will create an environment that supports each student’s entire learning journey and enables them to fulfil their potential.

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Anytime and Anywhere Access

 We believe learning is the most effective without boundaries and borders. We will use the latest technological advances to deliver accessible learning for all.

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Flexible Learning Journeys

 We believe learning is most effective when it is flexible and responds to the individual needs of the student. We will offer targeted and personalised learning opportunities to encourage our students to develop and grow.

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Connected World

 We believe learning should not be limited and we will guide our students to navigate all relevant knowledge gateways whether local, national, or international.

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Professional, Practice Informed Education

 We believe in professional practice informing education and we will collaborate closely with employers to understand the employment needs of today and critically the future to ensure our students have the (digital) skills needed to pursue their careers successfully.