Dr Helen Nichols– School of Social and Political Science – Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader – Staff Profile

This video within this blog was originally taken from the Future of Blended Learning Conference held on the 24th March 2021. Below you can find the abstract for the session plus the corresponding video.


In 2020, I published an article called ‘Does Lecture Format Matter? Exploring Student Preferences in Higher Education’ in the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice. This paper was based on a study conducted in in the academic year 2017/18 exploring student preferences in lecture format; synchronous, asynchronous or traditional. The findings of this study suggested that student preferences vary and thus, offering a variety of delivery practices is important in giving all students the opportunity to engage. Now reflecting on the academic year 2020/21 in the context of the global pandemic, the findings of this study have been reinforced and offer an opportunity to consider how we move forward in innovating our teaching and learning practice through diversification of delivery.