From Telehealth to Telelearning – Physical Assessment Teaching in a Virtual World (conference)

Sean Morton – School of Health & Social Care – Senior Leturer – Staff Profile

This video within this blog was originally taken from the Future of Blended Learning Conference held on the 24th March 2021. Below you can find the abstract for the session plus the corresponding video.


Remote areas of the world rely on technology to bring telemedicine to patients to provide medical treatment.

The covid pandemic allowed us to explore how to deliver traditionally face to face skills based learning in a virtual world, as a module for clinical skills was delivered earlier, how to enhance skills teaching in a closed university.

Using technology that we currently all use and are familiar with, the blend of a telemedicine approach and physical simulated learning allowed us to work with large groups of students to remotely assess and plan care for a patient in the familiar environment of the clinical skills suites on campus. The students were expected to lead the session by prompting the facilitator to assess and treat a mannikin with a variety of medical problem.

Students were able to access an innovative and safe approach that enhanced their learning and skills using a process that is typically only seen in remote areas of the world.