Asynchronous activities can be used to develop a continuous flow of learning in-between synchronous sessions. This can be useful to:

  • Extend knowledge (micro lectures, reading etc.)
  • Feed back (opinion and commenting on reading etc.)
  • Gather information (Exploring sources of information, collating evidence, summarising, and analysing etc.)
  • Produce materials (sharing information via digital resources, create mini group presentations etc.)

The work that is done asynchronously should be used in conjunction with the synchronous session to enhance the delivery and discussion during a synchronous session. On this page we have collated a mixture of different approaches which can be used to help support and develop students’ learning.

Asynchronous Activity Ideas

This section shows you a selection of different areas relating to asynchronous activities. Please click on the the area you would like to visit.

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Independent Activities

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Collaborative/Group Work Activities

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Developing Skills Asynchronously