Pilot Workshop

Assessment Related to Careers (ARC) workshops, facilitated by the Digital Education Team, are an effective and collaborative method to design assessment points which support the development of  skills in relation to employment and careers. It is designed to support the development of 21st Century workplace skills and works in conjunction with the University of Lincoln Assessment Framework and the Lincoln Award. This workshop is designed to work in partnership with our ABC curriculum Design workshop.

This workshop is based around  P21’s framework for ‘21st Century Learning’. This framework specifies embedding 21st Century Skills into the curriculum to help students prepare for future careers.  The ARC workshop combines technology, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills together to create assessment to develop students with skills they will need for their career.


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ABC Curriculum Design 

How does it work?

Whilst this workshop is designed to be an effective and engaging hands-on workshop that works in conjunction with our current ABC workshop, it can be used independently to help review and reshape assessments. The workshops takes roughly 50 minutes using an online format, teams are able to work together to create an assessment which highlights and supports the development of employability skills through the use of authentic assessment design.

The ARC workshop progresses through three key phases: Initiation, Innovation and Implementation. The three phases help you identify:

  • What the assessment is,
  • How it will work,
  • What skills will be embedded,
  • How this will relate to the rest of your module.

The ARC information is then added to the curriculum map outlining the type and sequence of learning activities (created during the ABC workshop). ARC is particularly useful for new programmes or those approaching validation but can be used to review your current offering.

How do I book a workshop?

We are currently in the pilot phase and we are looking for groups to trial this new workshop. You can book a workshop by emailing the Digital Education team. One of our team will get back to you to discuss your needs and create a custom workshop to ensure your curriculum planning team get the most from the workshop.  Click here to email the team