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How to hide a Grade Centre column on Blackboard

When creating a i) Blackboard Assignment, ii) Turnitin Submission Point or a iii) Blackboard Test, a column in Grade Centre is created. By default this is visible to students, It is necessary to:

  • Manually hide the relevant Grade Centre column in order to prevent inadvertent early marks release
  • Unhide the column on day of marks release

N.B. Please see caveat section below for exceptions to this.

To hide the column:

  • Go to Full Grade Centre on the Bb site
  • Click the chevron next the relevant column, and
  • Toggle the ‘Hide from Students (On/Off)’  option until there is a red line through it.

When there is a red line through the column name, it indicates the column is hidden from students. You may also want to hide the Total column if this is unhidden.


Please note that the advice on this page refers to:

  • All Blackboard Assignment points
  • Non-anonymous Turnitin Submission Points
  • All Blackboard Test

The advice on this page is not applicable to:

  • Anonymous Submission Points
  • Blackboard Ultra module sites