Collaborate Ultra Help & Support

Joining a Collaborate Ultra Room

This helpsheet details how to join a Collaborate Ultra room and enable your microphone and camera.

  1. Navigate to the Collaborate Ultra tool link in Blackboard, then click on the Course Room or the title of your Scheduled Session.
  2. A context menu will open, and you will see a Join Room option.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra context menu, the title of the module is shown and a Join Course button is highlighted by a red box.
  1. The room will open and prompt you to watch a tutorial.
A screenshot of the Collaborate Ultra Tutorial Prompt. The options to start the tutorial or complete it later are shown.
  1. Close the tutorial to enter the Collaborate Ultra room. At the bottom of the screen you will see four icons – your profile, microphone, camera and raise hand.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra interface. Menu icons are displayed at the bottom centre, for video and audio settings, and the right, for sharing content and engaging with the chat.

Enabling your camera and microphone

  1. Click on the microphone icon. The icon will turn green.
A screenshot of the microphone icon in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. It is green and contains a waveform that moves as the presenter speaks.
  1. Click on the camera icon to allow others to view your video feed. If you are happy with the position and angle in the preview screen that appears. Click Share Video.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Video Preview menu. Options to cancel or begin sharing video are shown.
  1. The video preview will minimise into the bottom left corner of the screen. The video icon will now be blue to indicate you are sharing video.
A screenshot showing the controls on Collaborate Ultra, including the microphone, video and raise your hand features.