Collaborate Ultra Help & Support

Making Collaborate Ultra Available on a Module Site

This helpsheet details to make Collaborate Ultra available on a module site.

The Collaborate Ultra link has been placed on all module sites as standard from the 17/18 academic year. If you find that the Collaborate Ultra tool is not enabled on your site, follow these to make the link available.

  1. Locate the Collaborate Ultra link on your module site.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Course Site menu. The Collaborate Ultra tool link is shown with the hidden icon displayed.
  1. Hover over the link and click the chevron that appears to the right. This will open a sub-menu.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Course Site menu. The sub-menu is expanded to show three options: rename link, show link and delete.
  1. Click “Show Link”
  1. This will now make the Collaborate Ultra link available and visible to students. You will notice that the square box with a line through it, has disappeared from the right-hand side of the menu item. This lets you know that the link is no longer hidden.
A screenshot showing how the Collaborate Ultra link is now visible to students because the line and box to the right has been removed.