Collaborate Ultra Help & Support

What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

This guide provides information on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, its features, and the hardware and software requirements needed to use it.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (link) provides an on-line classroom environment for staff and students to work together using audio, video, and text chat as well as a shared workspace. Collaborate functions as a virtual classroom and it enables many of activities that happen in a traditional classroom:

• Teacher-led presentation, with questions from students
• Group discussions
• Individual support
• Breakout rooms for student group work
• Polling


Collaborate sessions can be recorded for future use.


Moderators and students can use the chat box for instant messaging style interaction and private messages can also be sent.

Load Content

PowerPoint slides, images and multimedia files can be uploaded to the session for use with participants.

Interactive Whiteboard

The Whiteboard can also be used to display images, write or draw.

Application Sharing

This enables session participants to share specific applications (Word, PowerPoint) with others.

What do I need to use Collaborate?

For the full Collaborate experience it is recommended to either use:

• A PC with an external webcam and a headset with microphone, or
• A laptop that has a built-in camera, speakers and microphone

Blackboard Collaborate can also be accessed via the Blackboard Student app (link) for Android and IOS devices although the functionality is limited.

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