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Adding Content to Blackboard: Announcements

The Announcements page is often the landing area for each site and is empty by default. Announcements can be used to alert students of important information, items and news. You may wish to begin by posting a welcome message to your students.

Creating an Announcement

  1. Ensure Edit Mode is on.
A screenshot showing that the 'Edit Mode' is on within your Blackboard site, an important option for making sure you can add and edit content.
  1. Click on the Create Announcement button.
A screenshot showing the 'Announcements' section of the Blackboard site, where you can add announcements for your students.
  1. Enter a subject for the Announcement
A screenshot showing how you can create an announcement by adding a title and body content.
  1. Enter a message. Use the Editing Toolbar to format the text and add content such as images, videos, files etc.

Restricting an Announcement by Date

  1. Select Not Date Restricted for messages, which are to be released immediately and be permanently visible. Alternatively, you may wish to release an Announcement on a specific date or restrict its display to a defined length of time.
A screenshot showing how you can restrict when your announcement is sent by applying date parameters.
A screenshot showing how you can ensure an announcement is only posted after a certain date by filling in the relevant parameters.
  1. Select Display After.
  2. Click on the Calendar icon and Clock icon to select a date and time.
  3. Select Display Until.
  4. Click on the Calendar icon and Clock icon to select a date and time.

The Announcement will only be visible to students during the date and times.

Sending an Announcement as an Email

Blackboard users are able to edit their notification settings, and can choose whether or not to receive copies of announcements by email.

A screenshot showing how you would send an email of your announcement by ticking a box under the announcement content.

Click Send a copy of this announcement immediately for an email to be sent to all users. This function should only be used when absolutely necessary to avoid bombarding users with email.

Linking to an Item

To bring attention to a new or important item within a site, create a direct link by clicking Browse and choosing the location.

A screenshot showing how you can add a 'Site Link' to your announcement, linking to content on your Blackboard site.
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