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Adding Content to Blackboard: Content Areas

The site menu contains links to content areas such as Learning Materials and Assessments where materials and resources can be added. Folders can be created within content areas to organise materials for example by week, topic or resource type.

  1. When accessing an empty content area, it will display an “It’s time to add content” message.
A screenshot showing the empty 'Learning Materials' section on Blackboard before any content has been added.
  1. Ensure Edit Mode is on.
A screenshot showing that 'Edit Mode' is turned on, an important requirement when adding content to Blackboard.
  1. The create content menu buttons will be visible.
A screenshot showing the 'Learning Materials' menu where you can choose to 'Build Content' add an 'Assessment' or use a 'Tool'.
  1. The Build Content menu shows the different types of content that can be added to your site.
    • Item: The most common content type can include formatted text, images, weblinks, multimedia, and files.
    • File: Add a file including audio and video.
    • Content Folder: It is recommended that content is organised in to content folders to ensure ease of navigation.
    • Mashups: Embed external content from YouTube, Flickr or SlideShare.
A screenshot showing the various options we recommend you use on the 'Build Content' menu including 'Item', 'File', 'Content Folder' and 'Mashups'.
  1. The Assessment button allows you to add a test or survey, or set up a Turnitin UK electronic submission area for student work.
A screenshot showing the 'Assessments' menu where you can create a number of different assessment types including 'Test', 'Survey' and Blackboard 'Assignment'.
  1. The Tools list a number of specific Blackboard features and tools that encourage interactivity and collaboration. These include discussion boards, wikis, blogs, Panopto video and Blackboard Collaborate.
A screenshot of the 'Tools' menu from where you can add a number of digital tools for use on your Blackboard site.
  1. Note: Content areas remain hidden to students until content has been added. The icon shown on to the left of the navigation link means that the content area has been hidden. This will be removed once the content area is live.
A screenshot showing how the 'Learning Materials' button on the left hand navigation may be hidden to students until you make it available.
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