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Adding Content to Blackboard: Embedding YouTube Videos

YouTube videos can be embedded directly in to a Blackboard item using the HTML Embed codes provided with all YouTube videos.

  1. Find the video on YouTube
  2. Click ‘Share’ and ensure you are in the URL section.
A screenshot showing how to copy an embed code from a YouTube video.
  1. Copy the URL. Hold the Ctrl key and press C on your keyboard. Note: If you are using a Mac, you should press Cmd + C.

Adding the video to Blackboard

  1. Navigate to the content area where you wish to add the video
A screenshot showing a content area on Blackboard where you can choose to add content in folders or at the top level.
  1. Click on the ‘Build Content’ menu.
A screenshot showing the 'Build Content' menu from which you can select a number of types of content to add to your module site.
  1. Select item.
  2. Enter a name for your item.
A screenshot showing how you can create an 'Item' in Blackboard, including a title and description.
  1. Ensure your cursor is inside the content editor box.
  2. Paste in the YouTube video URL and it will automatically embed the video for you.
A screenshot showing a YouTube video added into the item by pasting in the embed code.
  1. Make the item available and select time and date restrictions if required.
A screenshot showing the standard options for an item on Blackboard including allowing users to view the content and setting adaptive release.
  1. Click Submit.
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