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Adding Content to Blackboard: Staff Details

This guide details how to add staff contact details to your site. Adding contact details, including a photo and office hours will assist students in contacting the correct member of staff.

Adding Staff details

  1. Ensure Edit Mode is on.
  2. Click on the Staff Details folder in the site menu.
A screenshot showing a Blackboard module site without any announcements.
  1. Click on Create Contact.
A screenshot showing the 'Contacts' area of a Blackboard site where staff details can be added.
  1. Fill the boxes in with your information (note: all are optional except for email).
A screenshot showing the process of adding staff details to the 'Contact' page, including name, email address and phone number.
  1. To attach an image click on the Browse button and locate your chosen image.
A screenshot showing how you can add an image to your profile on the 'Contacts' page within Blackboard.
  1. When you have inputted all the information click on Submit.
  2. This will close the editing page and should now see the contact card just created.
A screenshot showing the completed 'Contracts' page now that details have been added.
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