Collaborate Ultra Help & Support

Managing Your Blackboard Collaborate Recordings

This helpsheet guides academic staff through the recommended recording management workflow for Collaborate Ultra Sessions, and the steps for making them accessible to students through Panopto.

By following the steps in this short guide, you will be able to better manage your recorded Collaborate content and ensure an organised and coherent provision of teaching material to your students. We strongly advise that staff follow this practice when making Collaborate recordings available through Blackboard.

By uploading to Panopto you can:

  • Ensure that your students have access to captions.
  • Trim the start, end, and remove any breaks from the recording to reduce its length.
  • Allow student to make use of interactive features such as notes, comments, and quizzes.

An overview of the process can be seen here:

A diagram showing the process for download your Collaborate Ultra recordings and adding captions on Panopto.

Please note: a text-based version of the flowchart presented above can be accessed by clicking this hyperlink.

How to Download and Delete a Blackboard Collaborate Recording

  1. Navigate to the Collaborate Ultra area on your Blackboard Site.
  2. Expand the Collaborate menu, and click on the Recordings tab.
  3. Locate your recording and click on the ellipses icon next to the video status.
  4. Here you can download the video but will also see the delete option. You will receive an MP4 file.

Ensure to allow enough time for the video to download correctly as this will be dependent on the length of the lecture and your internet speed.

The Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool is shown, a red box highlights the recordings tab which is located when the burger menu in the top left corner is expanded.
The Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Recordings menu is shown. A list of  recordings is displayed, the more options menu is open on a recording, the download and delete buttons are highlighted.

How to Upload a Blackboard Collaborate Recording to Panopto

Before uploading, create a new folder by clicking on the Add Folder icon in the Panopto tool interface.

  1. Navigate to the Panopto tool on your Blackboard Site.
  2. Expand the Create menu and choose Upload Media from the drop-down list.
  3. You can then locate the file on your computer and allow the file adequate time to upload.

Ensure that you give the recording a meaningful title, as this may not be reflected in the file name.

The Panopto tool is shown, within the module folder the Create menu has been expanded, and the option to Upload Media is highlighted by a red box.

How to Enable and Correct Automatic Captions

Once your video has completed processing in Panopto, you can enable automatic captions.

  1. Locate the video in the Panopto tool in your Blackboard Site.
  2. Hover your mouse over the video and click on the Edit button (pencil icon).
  3. Open the Captions Tab and choose Import Automatic Captions.
  4. Review the captions and correct any critical discipline specific terminology.
    • In the example the word supplant has been added instead of submit, to amend click into the text field, amend, and simply press enter on your keyboard or click out of the text box.
Two images are shown. Image 1 (left) The Captions tab of the Panopto Video Editor is shown, the Import Captions menu is expanded to reveal two options: Important automatic captions and upload or request captions. Image 2 (right) The Captions tab of the Panopto Video Editor is shown, captions with timecodes are shown.