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How to reuse the same Panopto videos on multiple Bb sites

N.B. This page is written for the Nursing programme relating to a workflow in use there. The workflow may be applicable elsewhere too.

There are several ways one can re-use a Panopto video on multiple sites. For simplicity, this page details one method (keeping the video in the original location BUT adding sharing permissions to students on other modules, and then coping the content link to another module). This method is useful for areas like Nursing (multiple modules running in the same academic year that draw on some of the same videos, and have the videos linked within module folders in a learning design sequence) but may be less appropriate for other areas who do things in a different way. If in doubt, contact the Digital Education team. The main downside of going for this way of sharing is that the Panopto analytics will be less useful than if the video was just being used on one Bb site.

STEP ONE: Adjusting sharing permissions on the Panopto folder

  • Go to the BB site
  • Click onto the Panopto area
  • Click the Share icon
Panopto area on Bb with the Share icon highlighted.
  •  On the overlay, under People and groups, start typing the module code of the module you wish to share the videos with. Based on your typing, a suggested user list will appear for you to select the correct group from.  
Share overlay on Bb with highlighting of how to add user groups.
  • Save the information.

STEP TWO Adding the relevant videos to your Bb site.

  • Go to the Bb site where you wish to copy the original video from.
  • Click the chevron next to the item and select Copy
BB site with a Panopto item linked to in a content folder, with the chevron and the Copy option highlighted.
  • Choose the Destination folder and click Submit.