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Managing the Grade Centre Marking Periods

Marking Periods (also referred to as Grading Periods) group assessments by specific time periods. For example, filter assessments to display only Semester A or Semester B, by week or month.

Setting up a Marking Period

  1. Click Grade Centre in the Control Panel and Select Full Grade Centre.
Screenshot showing the full grade centre menu item in the left hand navigation bar in Blackboard.
  1. Hover your mouse over the Manage menu button.
  2. Select Marking Periods from the drop-down menu.
A screenshot of the Manage tab in the Full Blackboard Grade Centre. The expanded menu shows a list of options, the top option is Marking Periods.
  1. Click the Create Marking Period button.
A screenshot of a Blackboard Module, the Marking Periods page is shown and a Create Marking Period button is presented.
  1. Give your Marking Period a name (and description).
A screenshot of the Create Marking Period Page, the Grading Period Information section is shown with a text box for name and description. The name field has a mandatory star icon.
  1. Select the start and end dates.
  2. If assignments have been created, those with due dates within the set date range, can be automatically associated with the Marking Period. Tick the radio button. You will need to check the Associate Columns box.
A screenshot of the Create Marking Periods page, the date section is shown with a field for start and end date, there is also a checkbox to associate the grade centre columns based on due date.
  1. Click Submit.
Screenshot showing the 'cancel' and 'submit' buttons in Blackboard.

Associating an Assignment with a Marking Period

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow on the assignment column header.
  2. Select Edit Column Information from the drop-down menu.
A screenshot of the Full Grade Centre in Blackboard, the chevron arrow next to an assignment title is expanded to reveal a menu, the Edit Column Information is the seventh option in the list.
  1. In the Dates section, select a Grading Period from the drop down. (The list will only display if Marking Periods have already been created.)
A screenshot of the Edit Column Information page for a Blackboard Assignment. The Dates section is shown the dropdown box for grading period has a Semester A period selected.
  1. Click Submit.


  • Columns associated with a Marking Period do not appear in the Grade Centre outside of that period to show only the most relevant columns.
  • To display a column outside its marking period click the Manage menu button and select Column Organisation from the drop-down menu.
  • A list of all the columns in the grade book, including sections listing your marking periods will display.
  • Tick the column and select Show Selected Columns in All Grade Centre Views.

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