Panopto Help & Support

This is the Panopto section of the Resources Hub. This page will give you an overview of the tool, links to help and support guide, frequently asked questions and related articles/videos.

Panopto is our lecture recording system and every teaching space is Panopto-enabled. Panopto can also be used for recording teaching materials outside the classroom and for student submissions.

The following large lecture theatres also have a video feed:

  • INB0114 Lecture Theatre;
  • MB0603 Jackson Lecture Theatre;
  • NDH0020 Lecture Theatre;
  • MB0302 Cargill Lecture Theatre;
  • MB0312 Co-op Lecture Theatre;
  • NDH1010 Lecture Theatre;
  • SLB0006 Lecture Theatre;
  • DCB1101 Lecture Theatre.

All other teaching spaces are audio and screen record only.

You can also download the Panopto Application for your mobile. Click the corresponding link for more information: Android | iOS


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Panopto to Pre-record (asynchronous) Lectures?

Yes, you can use either the desktop or mobile version to pre-record your lectures. Once the lectures have been recorded, they can be edited and uploaded to your Blackboard Module site.  For more information we would recommend visiting the remote teaching site by clicking here. This has the latest guidance and advice for recording lectures asynchronously.

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