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D. Providing Feedback And Signing Reviews

A narrated video guide is available for this support resource and can be located at the bottom of the page.

The ‘Reviews’ area of One File, allows the Learner, Tutor and Employer to complete a periodic review – normally every 12 weeks. These forms capture learner progress over time, in terms of assessments, the apprenticeship standard and discipline specific concerns. They may also be used to set targets and actions, recording when and how these should be completed, and by who. Most importantly, it allows you as the employer to provide feedback.

How are Reviews Scheduled and Completed?

By default it is the Tutor (or Academic Asessor) who will schedule, start, and complete the Review, but as the Employer, you will be required to provide feedback and also sign upon completion.

Where can I access the Reviews?

When you are required to sign a Review this will appear in your Tasks box. You can click the task to be taken straight to the review in question, where you will then see the information that has been completed by the Assessor.

A screenshot of the header section of the One File homepage. A red box in the top right of the screen highlights a clipboard icon, a red box is also shown on the left-hand menu, the tab is labelled Tasks.

Additionally, you can navigate to the learner’s portfolio and locate the Reviews button displayed in the Information and Options tab.

A screenshot of the Learner's portfolio information and options tab. This section shows three buttons in order thea re the Activity Plans, the Assessments and the Reviews.

Adding Feedback and Comments

In the Reviews area, you will see a list of all past and scheduled Reviews, with key data points displayed between each instance – for example unit progression and overall progress. The Status Key displayed at the bottom of the screen helps me to understand where the Review is in the signature journey.

To complete a Review, you can click the Open button next to the relevant instance. Depending on the type of apprenticeship you are involved with, the information captured in these Reviews will vary and will likely look different to this example.

An image of a table. The table displays a list of reviews ordered by date. The columns show progression values against a number of units. The final columnof the table contains a blue open button.

If you scroll to the bottom of the Review, you will find the Feedback and comments section, here the Tutor and Student will have provided any additional feedback following the Review meeting. There is also a Feedback box for you as the employer, you may want to provide additional information, that was not captured during the review meeting, or confirm any details regarding to actions. If you are unsure what you need to enter in this box, please liaise with your programme team.

A textbox is shown with content editor toolbar. The box is titled feedback.

Once you have entered your feedback, the final step is to tick the Signature box corresponding to your name, and click Save. You have now completed a Review form.

A table lists three use types learner, tutor and employer. Next to each user is a checkbox and a date value displaying when they signed. A green save button and blue cancel button is situated below the table.

Getting Started Video Guide – Providing Feedback And Signing Reviews

To access a narrated video guide on Providing Feedback And Signing Reviews in One File, please click the thumbnail image below, which will redirect you to the relevant video hosted on the Panopto website. Please note that automatic captioning has been enabled on this video.

This image is a link to a Panopto video. The video will open in a new tab.

Please note: this support resource is specific to the Employer role within One File. The ‘Employer’ is an interactive role used in the assessment process, e.g. an employer or (expert) witness that may sign assessments and provide evidence for the Learner. If you are unsure of the user role you have been given, you can verify this by logging into One File, and reviewing the role listed underneath your full name, displayed in the profile card in the top-right of the homepage interface.

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