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Setting up a Weighted Column

Weighted columns can be set up to take in to account multiple assignments and calculate a score based on the weightings entered. This helpsheet details how to create a weighted column, select assignments and enter weightings.

A weighted column is created by default when a Blackboard site is created. Check the Full Grade Centre to see if a weighted column is present.

Setting up the Weighted Column

  1. In the site management panel click on Grade Centre and select Full Grade Centre.
Screenshot showing the full grade centre menu item in the left hand navigation bar in Blackboard.
  1. Hover your cursor over the Create Calculated Column button and select Weighted Column from the drop-down menu.
A screenshot of the Blackboard Grade Centre. The Created Calculated Column menu is expanded to reveal four options, average column, minimum/maximum column, total column and weighted column.
  1. Enter a Column Name and Description, you can also add a Grade Centre Name so that it displays differently when viewing inside the Grade Centre.
A screenshot of the weighted column creation page. The column information section is shown with text boxes for name, grade centre name and description.
  1. Select a Primary Display, it is most common that you will choose Score or Percentage.
A screenshot of the weighted column creation page. The Primary Display drop-down box is shown and the percentage option is highlighted in blue.
  1. Select the columns in the Columns to Select window, to be included in the calculations.
  2. Click on the arrow to move the assignment in to the Selected Columns window.
A screenshot of the weighted column creation page, two boxes are shown, on the left a list of all assignments in the module, on the right a Selected Columns box where an assessment has been selected.
  1. Enter a weighting in to the boxes. The percentages must add up to 100%.
A screenshot of the weighted column creation page, three assessments have been moved into the Selected Columns window, they have percentages which add up to 100.
  1. Select whether to calculate the weighted grade as a running total. A running total will include only columns that have a grade entered. Selecting No will include all columns in the calculation giving a score of 0 for any columns without grades.
  2. Decide whether the column should be visible to students or whether to show the average or median grade to students in My Grades.
A screenshot of the weighted column creation page, a list of yes/no options is presented, they are: calculated as running total, include in grade centre calculation, show this column to students and show statistics to students.

Editing a Weighted Column

You can edit your weighted column at anytime by following the previous steps, however to edit an existing column you will need to:

  1. Go to the site management panel of your Blackboard site and click on Grade Centre.
  2. Select Full Grade Centre.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow on the column header.
  4. Select Edit Column Information.
A screenshot of the Grade Centre in Blackboard. A weighted column is shown, the chevron arrow to the right of the title is selected to display list of options. Edit column information is listed.